Is it time to give up?

Targeted Measures “The United States has said it will only lift sanctions on Zimbabwe if there are further political reforms, following disputed elections in July” says the news the other day. The first question that springs to mind is, ‘Who are these sanctions really serving?’ The United States Embassy in Harare states in their document: U.S. […]

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Marketing simplified

Marketing is my passion. It’s what I wake up to do every morning. What’s there to love, you might ask? – Creating, communicating, delivering & exchanging offerings. Creating value by stimulating demand where it does not exist, facilitating and fulfilling it where it does exist. I also thoroughly enjoy obliterating competition in both my personal and professional […]

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Hoping against hope?

Politicians and civil society in Zimbabwe have recently gone into overdrive encouraging people to register and vote in the next parliamentary and presidential elections. Am I going to vote in this upcoming plebiscite? I don’t know! Why should I? It’s not like my vote has ever changed things before. If anything, I have found my situation […]

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Welcome to Mbare

This 4th and final Chimurenga is pretty exciting to me in that ‘we’ now own all these resources, albeit obtained forcefully, that the previous owners would have never given ‘back’ to us willingly in a thousand years. Others might accuse me of trying to be ‘wise in retrospect’ as I was never for this initiative […]

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Enemies of Reason

I don’t dislike politicians, I elected them into those positions during the last ‘free & fair’ elections so that they may represent my interests in decision making processes in the famed August house. It is when they put forward preposterous ‘ideas’ on my behalf, that are not only at variance with what I mandated them […]

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December in Zimbabwe

More often than not, the urge arises to digress to try and find a semblance of understanding as to how we found ourselves in so much mud as a nation. They say we study the past so as to avoid its mistakes in our quest to create a better future, but having spent a month […]

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